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onTap Plugin Manager Issue: Unable to load Members On Tap

Name: Unable to load Members On Tap
ID: 1
Project: onTap Plugin Manager
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL: http://localhost:8500/ontap/admin/plugins/index.cfm?
Creator: Jay
Created: 11/04/08 1:49 PM
Updated: 11/04/08 1:49 PM
Description: OK, downloaded current version of Members On Tap from RIAForge. Opened OnTap Framework docs, chose "Plugins\Plugin Manager" and viewed current plugins of "onTap framework 3.2 beta
released 10/31/08 by Projects onTap
onTap framework core components and libraries
Plugin Manager 3.4 beta
released 10/26/08 by Projects onTap
Allows plugins and other components to be installed or removed from an onTap framework application"
Attempted several times to upload the Members On Tap zip file in the third tab, but kept getting an error that the zip file wasn't in the proper format. Yet, starting a new browser session pointing to the plug-in manager, I see "Members On Tap 3.2 beta" ready to be installed under the "New Installs" tab. Click the Installation button and off we go!
So it might be my using CFMX7 webserver on port 8500 though I don't know what the logic would be!
History: Created by jayDee (Jay) : 11/04/08 1:49 PM

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